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More features than any software calculator available.   It includes function graph plotting tools, curve fitting, Fourier transform frequency spectrum, unit conversion, statistical analysis and more.  All of the features below are included in the package.  
  • Import your data from text files (tab, comma, space delimited)
  • Graph / chart / plot data is copied to windows clipboard for your convenience.
  • Provides over 10,000 permanent storage areas for your constants and results.
  • Auto logging stores all past calculations so you can easily retrieve what you have done



All of these feature are included in the download

Software for curve fitting line regresssion polynomial fit  Curve fitting line regression, polynomial fit (windows software)


  Scientific Calculator with unit conversion & engineering physics constants (windows software)


  2D equation function graphing / plotting  (sine cosine & many math functions) (windows software)


  Easily manage your data, import text file data into 25 tables  (windows software)


  Frequency spectrum analysis - Fourier transform of your raw data  (windows software)


  Statistical analysis of your data with histogram and distribution curve  (windows software)


  Trigonometry / Logarithmic  

Functions Plotter with Descriptions- allows students to see what the function does so it makes sense. Very intuitive! (windows software)


calc-unit-convert.jpg (58995 bytes)  Unit Converter tool   Convert dozens of type of units from one to another. (windows software)


  3D equation function graphing / plotting  (sine cosine & many math functions) (windows software)


calc-constants.gif (26928 bytes)Fundamental physics constants  (windows software)


  Sound Power Audio Waveform Capture and Real Time Fourier Transform Frequency Domain Analysis.  (windows software)


  Plot XY graphs of your data (windows software)