Zion's Camp Recreational Facility

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Zion's Camp is tons of fun. We really enjoyed it!  Located just 2 miles from the hood canal where the crabbing is great and the oysters are plentiful.  Many cabins with fire pits, warm showers, playground for kids, COPE course, nature trail, archery, canoeing and row boats.


For us, it was well worth the small amount of money that we paid per night for all the fun things we could  do!





As a scout leader for 11 year old scouts, I really liked being able to load the boys up on a Friday afternoon and take a quick one hour drive from Olympia to Camp Zion.   Being from Arizona, I really appreciated the beautiful green scenery as we rounded the southern tip of the Puget Sound through Shelton on to our destination. 

The camp was always full of service opportunities that could be used to pass off boy's requirements.   I worked with others on building what they called long houses that would house over 20 kids at night.  They look like this.   Each one had a loft and was enclosed by pieces of timber that had been sawn off of a full length tree log.  These seemed to be the "round" part of the tree that gets trimmed so the log can become a square piece of lumber. 

I also enjoyed volunteering working on the new lodge.  It's really large and fits around 200 people.  It's beautiful for any big event with a full kitchen.